Saturday, April 28, 2007

Flex Lecture and Yahoo! Wikisearch

Here's what we've covered over the last 3 weeks.

Flex Lecture PPT

Yahoo! Wiki-search Widget

The flex code we did in class:

Google Employees Example (UI Components and XML data)
Dealing with external service
Mashup Paul and I made...code isn't so clean

To get started in Flex, I would reccomend using Flex Builder. You can get all the info here: Download Flex SDK, Builder, etc.... There's also some good tutorials here: Getting started with Flex

One cool website we showed you guys was ProgrammableWeb which lists API's and cool mashups that others have done.

If you want to know some good JavScript or Flex online resources and/or books, let me know, and I'll post some stuff I use.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Javascript Libraries Part 2

Sorry I didn't post this earlier but here it is. This is the second half of the lecture on Javascript libraries.

Lecture PPT

The libraries we covered today were:

Open Laszlo
Google Web Toolkit

The second two have extensive examples so I only did an example for Dojo:

Dojo Fisheye

Next few classes

4/11: This week, we're going to move into Flex.

4/18: Despite the fact that next week is right before carnival starts, we are still having class, and because we have a guest lecturer from Yahoo, we are counting next weeks class as 2 classes and hoping everyone comes. Also bring laptops so you can follow along.

4/25: After that, we'll move back into Flex.

5/2: Then, our last class, will be a wrap-up (we might also brush over security), where we present some of the projects that have been completed and announce the winner. We'll also have a pizza party for the class this day.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Project Information

Here is the information about the project that we covered in class today. The deadline for the project will be near the end of the semester. The deadline for the proposal is next Thursday April 5, 2007:

1. Team members' names
2. Short description of the project (couple of sentences)
3. Technologies used (HTML, CSS, etc.)
4. Why is it relevant? Why is it Web 2.0?

Deadline for proposal: April 5, 2007

Send an email to and

Javascript Libraries Part 1

Here is this information about the JavaScript libraries. I won't post the lecture yet because we have only done the first part, but its not that complicated.

Libraries covered today:

Yahoo UI

I have also uploaded the examples files we covered in class today. They should work but let me know if they don't.

Old Autocomplete, Corresponding Data File
YUI Autocomplete
YUI Menu
Prototype Examples Drag/Drop

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lecture 6,7,8: JavaScript

Been a while since we posted. This lecture covers a lot, from basic JavaScript to DOM to dHTML to Advanced JavaScript with prototype-inheritance and function closures and finally to AJAX.

Lecture PPT

We also went over some examples. I've posted those here:

Table Row Highlighter
Move Element
Drag'n Drop

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lecture 4/5: Ruby on Rails

Here's lecture 4/5 on Ruby on Rails

Lecture 4/5 (PPT | Code)

Sorry if the code example was a little boring, but important points to take away are that Ruby is a really cool language, and Rails is a great framework that makes a lot of the typical stuff (form abstract, no SQL, database relationships, etc...) much simpler.

Websites mentioned were:
As we start covering JavaScript and DHTML, I recommend you guys fool around creating a basic website and manipulating some CSS styles.