Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Project Information

Here is the information about the project that we covered in class today. The deadline for the project will be near the end of the semester. The deadline for the proposal is next Thursday April 5, 2007:

1. Team members' names
2. Short description of the project (couple of sentences)
3. Technologies used (HTML, CSS, etc.)
4. Why is it relevant? Why is it Web 2.0?

Deadline for proposal: April 5, 2007

Send an email to and

Javascript Libraries Part 1

Here is this information about the JavaScript libraries. I won't post the lecture yet because we have only done the first part, but its not that complicated.

Libraries covered today:

Yahoo UI

I have also uploaded the examples files we covered in class today. They should work but let me know if they don't.

Old Autocomplete, Corresponding Data File
YUI Autocomplete
YUI Menu
Prototype Examples Drag/Drop

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lecture 6,7,8: JavaScript

Been a while since we posted. This lecture covers a lot, from basic JavaScript to DOM to dHTML to Advanced JavaScript with prototype-inheritance and function closures and finally to AJAX.

Lecture PPT

We also went over some examples. I've posted those here:

Table Row Highlighter
Move Element
Drag'n Drop