Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Good Blogs

Here's a really good blog post by Bruce Eckel (famous for writing Thinking in C/Thinking in Java series) talking about how the web environment is different (and perhaps a biased view of Adobe Flex):

Some blogs that are updated quite frequently that I read are:
- ReadWriteWeb often times has some really insightful comments about the new web - Ryan Stewart talks about Rich Internet Applications and technologies emerging out of it. He's a little biased and doesn't believe in the AJAX as an Rich Internet Application tool - TechCrunch keeps up-to date with news items about companies forming or new products coming out. It's usually not too insightful but still very good to keep up with

Hopefully at some point, I'll post a list of all the blogs I read, but this will be good start for now. I really recommend getting an RSS read and subscribing to these places (you can even subscribe to this blog!).

If you have some good blogs or news sites, post it in the comments.


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