Friday, January 26, 2007

Lecture 2

Here's lecture 2. Topics covered were HTML (yes, a little boring) and HTTP Requests.

Lecture 2 (PPT)

Siva did a really neat demo of how you can just telnet into a webserver and request documents. Just try something, like:

telnet 80

Siva also mentioned a cool firefox extension called firebug (you can get it here: Firebug). The newest version, 1.0, just came out on 1/24/07. To monitor traffic, open up firebug (tools->firebug->open firebug). Then select the net subheader. Now you can monitor traffic on the site you are looking at.

Siva also began a demo for the Carnegie Mellon Delivery Service (CMDS), and the current progress for that page is here: CMDS. We will be using this throughout the course and updates will be posted accordingly. To look at the code, right click in the browser and do view source.

Good websites for help and further info:

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